1. In These Conditions Of Contract
“The Company” means Taurus Computers UK “The Customer” means the person, firm or company requiring maintenance on site “The Agreement” means the fine details and subject matter of the relevant quote or order. The Contract is for 12 (if not re-new) or 24 consecutive months and is not refundable.


2. All work carried out additional to that specified in the relevant quotation or order, whether experimental or otherwise, shall be charged


3.The company will be on site within 24 hours of the callout depending on the agreement this time can be reduced. Call out to severs is dependent on the agreement

4.All maintenance agreements only cover physical hardware faults. Software problems are only covered if the customer has the software agreement, should the customer not have this in their agreement they will be charged at the company’s current rate.

5.The company cannot be held responsible for any data lost on site; backing up of data is the ultimately the customers responsibility.


6.This is a two year contract and it replaces all the agreed PC’s agreed at the start of the contract (These are to be marked by Taurus). The pc’s replaced are of Taurus office spec loaded with windows 7 OR 8 (if agreed). We will take every care when installing the new PC’s but take no responsibility for loss of data and or applications. The PC’s will be delivered usually half one year and half the next after full payment each year, but this is in agreement below. Should the contract be cancelled with after the first year the PC’s will be billed to the customer at full retail value.


7.When the company diagnose the problem/fault with the hardware under the agreement it will endeavour to fix it while on site or remotely, should this not be possible it will be referred to our workshop for repair and delivered back to the customer when the repair is complete this can take up to 48 hours.

8.For customers on gold or platinum cover maintenance the repair to anything covered under the agreement will be made at no cost as long as the failure occurs in normal use, it does not replace insurance. (We do not cover against power surges or acts of god)


9.Customers with administration cover must be clear where The Companies responsibility ends, although we will endeavour to help the customer, we reserve the right to charge for extra services not included in the customers original quote. Cover may also include phone lines and adsl support.

10.To check the extent of admin cover please check below


11.Network cover will cover the customers network against failure of a cable and is only available on CAT5 OR CAT6 networks; it does not cover accident or malicious damage of any link.

12.Software cover is a flat fee cover depending on the customers site but covers telephone support and general on site network problems. It is not a form of training on windows or any application within windows. Email maybe included with the contract on either exchange platform or imap platform. It covers a certain amount of boxes agreed at the time of the contract.

13.Virus protection on all PC’s is t
he responsibility of the customer at all times. The company will advise on these issues but should a call out be required to remove a major spread the customer will be charged.

14.CCTV cover includes all camera parts and dvr parts on the system, it also include labour, it does not cover malious or accidental damage or robbery of the equipment. Barriers are covered for labour only and require a year check and cert. Door access covers all parts and labour on site, malious or accidental damage is not covered. Any movement of equipment without Taurus involvement will incur a charge if a repair is needed.


15.Out of hours cover gives the customer 24hour support 7 days a week 365 days a year, standard cover is during working hours 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.


16.These conditions of sale shall be construed in accordance with English law.

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Email: info@taurusuk.net

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